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I read it twice, and I'm still not sure what this OP is about. Nude athlete sex. Trump ties Hillary in Georgia. Bill pryor nude photos. There's a Big Black Box covering his most identifiable feature. I was thinking the same thing. Pryor denies he did porn in college and the investigation is ongoing, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Instead, Pryor had a former law clerk named Jennifer Bandy issue the "official statement" Snopes cites above. Hardly a beacon of honesty. I just read it also. Surely confirming him to the bench would only piss off Republicans too since he believes only on sex in a marital relationship. Big tits fat ass pics. They are the two youngsters who could not be exposed to Disney World during "Gay Days. But, leave naked people alone: The screen shot involves full-frontal male nudity, taken from a gay porn site.

Among the mind-boggling harsh measures the judge promptly imposed were orders to delete previously published material, forbid new writing, and to seal the court record from public view. No matter what your age there are some facial characteristics that do not change with age. In a lot of high profile cases it is not the original act that gets a person in trouble, it is the attempted cover up.

What's the big deal, if it's not him? The ideology was to do over there what was to be here, too, Kissinger said so: District Judge Bill Pryor and a nude photo of him that appeared at several gay-pornography media outlets in the s and '90s. That's another thing that makes me believe it's Pryor. LS, on a side note I noticed something quite interesting regarding your previous reports on Luther Strange and his alleged relationship with former aide Ms. Christopher Hitchens has more brainpower in his fingernails than Bill Pryor has in his entire body.

Would be very interesting to look at those. You made a connection between the two. Another good try there, But when a reporter calls with a few tough questions,it's "Do not contact me again. Did Pryor and the former owner of badpuppy do a deal for them?

Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Helen mirren nude sex. Can't trust a former victim and the Opium Wars even though the Bush Crime Family pretended to be sorry, were not.

Did Pryor withhold information that would embarrass him and George W. Don't see how this can be the same guy. Oh, by the way, it was Karl Rove's client, the state Attorney General, who started the investigation and it was Karl Rove's client who stopped me from having a recount after my election was stolen.

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Pryor, rescheduled a family vacation to Disney World when they discovered the Orlando, Florida, theme park had scheduled "Gay Days" festivities at the same time as their planned visit.

How did you manage to do that by accident? Supreme Court once acted with stunning foresight. Mature escorts in ottawa. If you are going to live in America, you can be sued for parting your hair on the wrong side.

I was just a closeted gay man, who got married cause it was what my religion taught me. The prosecution of Mississippi insurance broker Ken Nowlin presents a classic case study on that disturbing question. Bill pryor nude photos. Among the most shameful was Obama's choice of George Beck.

Riley contends that my reports about his extramarital affair with lobbyist Liberty Duke are false and defamatory. Dawson asked Petitioner for a copy of the letter, Petitioner told him that he did not have one but they could get a copy of the letter from Mr.

See petition at the end of this post, plus Riley's motion to seal the record. The public risks blackmail or other undue pressure on officials who may be compromised by hidden scandals. As an old man once said, "son, you're either a part of the problem, or you're part of the solution.

I wish this judge would spend more time reforming his state's judicial system which is apauling. The law on traffic stops in the United States--at both the federal and state levels--largely is based in a Supreme Court case styled Terry v. Give it a try! Do you have a condition known as strabismus, which is a crossing or misalignment of the eyes?

Why did Pryor immediately launch an investigation once Siegelman became guv? It also might indicate they plan to confiscate my computer, which would be one way to shut down reporting on Legal Schnauzer. Best perky tits. Has a black and white photo? Shuler purports to use this matter as a window into a sinister world of judges who lie in an unaccountable manner that ultimately hurts the general public.

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Pryor - outed still no news coverage? Could this story explain why pedofiles are being awarded custody of their victims in AL Family Courts? Here's the latest OpEdNews article that gives more clarification. Phone is It can extend to the courtroom, as Don Siegelman and his supporters discovered in the critical year of My wife went to high school with Pryor and always said he was gay.

If so, that's good -- because I do. Because the degree of hypocrisy and conniving required to sustain a promiscuous lifestyle at the same time as a virtuous public image is precisely the brazen skill-set that enables success in fund-raising, gerrymandering, voting machine rigging, and trumped-up criminal charges against political opponents.

Enquiring minds in Tuscaloosa, Opelika and Baldwin Counties want to know. I had no idea Bill Pryor worked out of Bham.

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