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He didn't earn his own subs, he just shows up on other peoples channels. 2 lesbian sex. And B, go read his encyclopedia on bodybuilding, some of the best empirically tested bodybuilding advice I've ever seen.

Check my resume before you try to slander my name because any one of you internet warriors can be found, dont get it twisted.

I honestly couldn't give you worse dieting advice if i tried. Kali muscle nude pics. Too much emphasis on how badass he is, and how his fans love him, etc. Why is it okay for Arnold to bullshit millions about Weider training and raw eggs for decades?

At the same time you kinda sold out from the hardcore street bodybuilder image with the planet fitness commercial and the nude pics. May 15, Shit they probably gave him a few drinks and they laid this fact on him, Sylvester Stallone did porn and he wrote, directed, and starred in an Academy Award winning movie. Even though Arnold may have advertised Weider training system, at the end of the day, if you followed all the advice he left behind in his books, you'd be able to build a fantastic physique.

Even if your title is trashing on him, you're putting oil into the machine dude. Remember, science, particularly in the area of sports and nutrition, is evolving rapidly. If he is in a tight situation. Must never accomplished anything in your life. The best big tits porn. His advice has absolutely nothing to do with macros.

And according to him eating snickers,top ramen and what not is the way to go. Its a career killer. Let me be clear, Kali is not with another man but the pictures are for gay men, the pictures have gay undertones. I'd rather make money doing that than sit at this shit deskjob all day.

Someone new to lifting might think this is solid advice and just start downing snickers hoping for muscle gains. Log in or sign up in seconds. Look at how awesome I am! What does that shit actually cost? I honestly don't see much wrong with what he did. Chadwick The Beta on May 21, Maddy Getbig IV Posts: Ill be sure to tell my kids. Go look up Ben Pakulskis YouTube, he shits on Kali's physique, has a degree, is humble, gives the best advice on youtube, and also competes in the Olympia.

Obviously, it can hurt in the longrun if you are going into a different career, but as far as it being gay

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There's a lot more reasons to hate Kali than G4P. Girls first time having lesbian sex. Dont hate on my success and try to discredit my accomplishments! And its kinda hard to build a career on saying nothing. I hate the last one.

What part of that is wrong? From the Photo Gallery. Kali muscle nude pics. Now go watch Barney". Its a career killer. He's dick riding all the other youtube fitness people. Kali Muscle blows up - credit the getbig detectives.

And yeah, scooby is honestly a good guy who got fucked for no reason at all, other than blind malice. Yeah, look up the Kali Muscle Story on youtube. Girl in tight pants gets fucked. The time now is There's almost no limits to this stuff man. Kali Muscle goes full retard.

Parker Getbig V Posts: If someone advises you to eat pizzas on a bulk, thats wrong. If he is in a tight situation. I mean yeah, he does talk about simple shit way too much and does misdirect his success a bit, but that's par for course. Originally Posted by futureswaps. I really wish I didn't click that link.

He claims to be inspirational. And I use gear and am open about it so I am not on a high horse nor do I look badly upon gear. May 21, Don't devalue opinions and experience by dismissing them as "broscience". His advice is great for people on gear, but horrible for people who are natty.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Gorgeous young nudes. Agree, small dick, GH gut and he's not as hard as he claims he ain't killin no one plus he's like sooo natural, no PEDs ever, blah, blah, guy is turning into a joke! I have never fuck an ass but i bet you have. Go look up Ben Pakulskis YouTube, he shits on Kali's physique, has a degree, is humble, gives the best advice on youtube, and also competes in the Olympia.

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